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Lilo's Magical Mission Chapter 29
The Grand Councilwoman had been particularly surprised to find that Dr. Domitian Pestus had sent her, of all things, a gift. And not just any gift. Among the small collection of gems the mosquito-esque scientist had sent her was, without a doubt, an experiment Pod. It had been buried down at the bottom, underneath some crystalline orbs, and the Grand Councilwoman had been quite pleased to look it over. Holding it aloft in her private room in the headquarters of the grand government that reigned over the galaxy, she smiled a bit to herself before making her way over to her desk. She was rather tired, and a little break would do her some good.
Her species had a special relaxant drug, they burned a type of incense to calm themselves down. Humming a bit, she arranged a "Clarity" candle, a "Relaxation" candle, a "Wisdom" candle, and a "Luck" candle on her desk, getting a lighter out.
But as she flicked it on and reached to light the "Clarity" candle, the room's newly added SPRINKLER system
:iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 1 1
My 8 Values Test Result by ErinPrimette My 8 Values Test Result :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 1 1
RP Partner Needed for TAMB AU of Final Fantasy X
I did start another Final Fantasy X fanfic last year, but I can't seem to get inspiration to continue the fic without some help. This is why I'm searching for an RP partner for help, especially since The Ancient Magus Bride now has an anime adaptation that's already released a few to several episodes.
- Must be familiar with Final Fantasy X, The Ancient Magus Bride, Arthurian Legends and Norse Mythology.
- Please keep the rating PG-13.
- I prefer to RP in notes.
- Paragraph RP with at least a couple sentences at a minimum in third POV.
- We can share the canon cast of Final Fantasy X and Norse Mythology, but we can also create some OCs to incorporate with the story.
Premise: Sin came to Spira to stop humanity from polluting it, although the people of Spira mistook it as a threat to the world that must be destroyed. Enter Yuna, the daughter of the heretic summoner Braska who failed to defeat Sin ten years ago. After she endures ten years of abuse from the church of Yevon, sh
:iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 0 1
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The Girl Who Loved Ultron by ErinPrimette
+80 for background
Full Body
Super Sailor Moon by ErinPrimette 
+40 for each additional character
+80 for background
Half Body
Commish: Hermione and Luna by ErinPrimette 
+40 for each additional character
+80 for background
Head Shot
Trinish Art Trade by ErinPrimette 
+40 for each additional character
+80 for background
Chibi Natsu Commish by ErinPrimette 
+40 for each additional character
+80 for background




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Erin Polley
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
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Movies: Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Flight of the Navigator, Avatar, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lilo and Stitch, District 9, Deadpool, Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars, Big Hero 6, Persepolis, Studio Ghibli
Anime and Manga: Heroman, Brigadoon: Marin and Melan, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Kill la Kill, Chobits, The Ancient Magus Bride, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, Najica Blitz Tactics
Video Games: Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, Shovel Knight, Alice: Madness Returns, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII

Close Friends: :iconsentinelspocknimoy::iconriskelliongamble::iconjweinrub::iconbogidream::icondippywerewolf::iconsaintheartwing:

Artists I love: :iconmagicalsakura::iconchance-to-draw::iconzoeymewmew13::icongeminine-nyan::icongalactic-rainbow::iconvicle-chan::iconayasal::iconoceantann::iconsoundphase::iconjitsch::iconrika-dono::iconhapuriainen::iconhello-mango::iconmai-meo::iconcuriouscucumber::iconimaginary-alchemist::iconkarmillina::iconneko-rina::iconr0cket-cat::iconrazziembessai::iconlemonpoppyseedmuffin::iconrimapichi::iconnao148::iconkamaniki::iconhyanna-natsu::icontenshi-miharu::icontaralen::iconmurasaki-hana::iconmanouazumi::iconmayomiccz:

I guess it's apparent that :iconrazziembessai: has tagged me, so here we go!


- Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged
- Write 13 things about yourself
- Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~
- Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged
- Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
- It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
- No tagging back.

13 Things about me:
- I've been drawing since I was very young.
- I was diagnosed with Autism when I was probably a toddler.
- I have hypersensitive hearing, so whenever I hear someone sing or whistle nearby, it gets irritating.
- I didn't start playing Pokemon until I was in middle school, but I watched the Pokemon anime as a kid.
- In Pokemon Sun, I have a Golisopod nicknamed Genji.
- I'm a middle child and have two siblings.
- I...used to like the first two Shrek movies when I was younger, but now I strongly dislike the titular character. His appearance makes me uncomfortable.
- I used to draw fanmade Mario comics when I was in middle school.
- I also used to draw a comic spinoff of Baby Blues and inserted myself into this creation of mine...when I was a kid.
- I enjoyed taking math classes in school.
- I watched the Harry Potter movies, but I didn't really read the books.
- I got introduced to the Transformers movies when a high school English teacher of mine played it in class. From there, my TF fandom expanded into Transformers Prime.
- Remember MelodyFan12, Diamant88 and other Youtube fanimators? I watched the heck out of most of these fanime before I even joined Youtube.

1. You walk into a convention to see that Peter Cullen and Frank Welker are arguing over a shiny new toy. Whose side do you take?

I wouldn't pick a side, I'd rather try to negotiate with both of them to come up with a compromise.

2. I challenge you to say one, just one, nice thing about Bayformers!

It has bayverse Sentinel Prime!

3. You have just won the lottery, which Megatron toy do you buy first?

Probably find a TFP Megatron toy to give to someone.

4. You have just inherited a million dollars from a long-lost third cousin five times removed, which Optimus toy do you buy first?

I don't know if I have such a cousin that rich, but maybe I would save that money for something else.

5. What is your favourite all-time best Cybertronian swear? For example calling someone a dirt-kissing kn*ckoff or calling your printer a pit-spawned hunk of tin!

Probably slagheap

6. Everyone except me hates the Bayformers movies, but they have amazing crossover potential. If your eyeballs could survive, what other movie would you make a crossover with?

I wouldn't say another movie, but I would see if I can cross it over with Vocaloid or Mass Effect.

7. You made a deal with Unicron and lost, so now you must choose your fate... attend your favourite convention with a toothache or miss the convention to spend the entire weekend being nice to Sentinel Prime!!

I'll try enduring the convention with a toothache.

8. Using the leftover $$$$ from questions 2 and 3 you can make the most epic costume ever. Who do you build, and what are its special powers? For example Sunstorm that glows in the dark, Grimlock being able to transform, Laserbeak that plays music

An Optimus Prime inspired costume that would most likely be suitable for Hatsune Miku.

9. On the topic of music, what is your all-favourite soundtrack or song from the Transformers Multiverse? Don't forget there are many fan-made answers to choose from...

I would go for Arrival to Earth from the first Transformers movie score.

10. While flying to your next convention, you notice Alex Milne in the other line waiting to pass through the airport scanner. As you both pass through lightning strikes the building and you've inherited his drawing skillz.
What do you draw?

As many Transformers/Vocaloid crossover fanart as I could possibly come up with.

11. Hahahahahaaaaa nowaitaminute I just realised... that means Alex Milne has also inherited your greatest skill! He can no longer draw GIANT EFFIN ROBOTS but from this day forwards he can ________________ like a boss!!

Turians from Mass Effect

12. There is a really dirty van parked near your house. Go on, think of some awesome Transformers themed graffitti you can decorate it with!

I don't think I could come up with anything TF related for graffiti on vehicles.

13. If you've read this far, and followed all the rules, Alpha Trion will reward you with any toy you like. Which GIANT EFFIN ROBOT would you like to see as a TINY EFFIN ROBOT standing in the middle of your highest shelf?

I don't feel like asking for any Transformers toy from him. Thanks, anyway.

My Questions to you:

1. What was the first video game you ever played?

2. Name your favorite three video game characters.

3. If you could make any change to any video game, what change would that be?

4. Do you have a favorite movie you wish to crossover with any video game?

5. If you roleplay, then how long have you been roleplaying?

6. If you can roleplay, then what franchises are you most inclined to roleplay?

7. What is your favorite childhood movie? Do you still admire it today?

8. Do you have a favorite crossover pairing?

9. Do you have a favorite anime?

10. If you could put your favorite characters from your favorite childhood movie in an anime, then what anime would you choose?

11. What favorite characters would you put in a Star Wars setting?

12. What is your most favorite Star Wars episode?

13. What is your least favorite Star Wars episode?

People I will tag: :iconriskelliongamble::icontutorveritatis::iconbogidream::iconjweinrub::iconsaintheartwing::iconwhite-rose-brian::icondippywerewolf::iconimaginary-alchemist::icongothalla123::iconthe-skyward-wolfman::icondemondarkheart::icondjdrago9712::icontigressa101:


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